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The Table-Hosted by Helane ‘Laney’ Crowell

Follow style influencer Laney Crowell of The Moment as she plans and executes beautiful gatherings.  The Table is a show about conscious entertaining. Laney explores how to create stylish entertaining vignettes and delicious meals that are not only good for her guests but also good for our planet.  Her do-it-yourself party plans will show you how to entertain consciously with ease and grace.

In this episode Laney begins her process for planning a brunch for four. She visits a neighborhood floral shop, Sag Harbor Florist, and talks with the owner Anastasia, about the importance of buying local and seasonal flowers that have a small footprint and big impact. There are almost always local options like wildflowers, vines, or herbs. What’s important is how you style them. We show you how a little tape (and vodka) can go a long way in creating beautiful arrangements that will last.

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