B Wise Joins the FEAST as “Official Wine”

I’ve had the dream to make wine since I was a kid. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about wine since then. Each year my friends and fellow vignerons John Caldwell (Yes, that John Caldwell, aka “JFC”) and Bill Sanderson (Madrone Ridge Winery) take a trip to investigate the practices of [...]

Napa Truffle Festival: Truffleluxe!

Ending the Napa Truffle Festival on a High Note! Closing out four full days of the Napa Truffle Festival, Feast it Forward and Sunset Magazine’s Truffleluxe event ended the truffle-filled weekend on a high note. This curated affair brought together the butcher, the baker and the Napa winemaker for [...]

The BAKER (and Oil-Maker)

As we began plans for our upcoming event at Napa Truffle Festival in partnership with Sunset Magazine, establishing our wine partners was a much more simple task than what would follow. Though there are endless premier vintners to feature among our events and programming, this playful spin on the nursery [...]

GRUB-A-Dub-Dub…The Truffleluxe Napa Winemakers

An English language nursery rhyme, "Rub-A-Dub-Dub" was first published in London in 1798 in volume two of Hook's Christmas Box under the title "Dub a dub dub" rather than "Rub a dub dub". The earliest versions of this rhyme published differ significantly in their wording. This rhyme exists in many variations, among those current [...]

Butcher, Baker, Napa Winemaker: FEAST with Sunset!

In partnership with the American Truffle Company, Feast it Forward and Sunset Magazine will present a curated affair, the first Napa Truffle Festival Marketplace VIP Experience. A Truffleluxe event, be the first to FEAST on Monday January 18, 2016 from 11am-2pm. This one of a kind event will be held [...]

Sunset Magazine Joins the FEAST!

Feast it Forward is joining forces with premier publication Sunset Magazine, an elite resource for achieving the ultimate Western lifestyle.

‘Tis the Season of Giving: Holiday Season Giveaway

Check out our list of prizes for 2015 which are valued at over $2,000 and find out how to enter!

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