LIVE IN THE STUDIO: Feast Interactive with Chef Rick Moonen

Join our monthly interactive event, bringing #FamilyDinner back to the kitchen. Viewers from across the country will have the opportunity to stream in LIVE, and directly participate whether in their kitchen, or at the dining table. Each month a new featured chef will join the FEAST, offering viewers a list [...]

A Needle For Every Groove: Crosley Joins The FEAST

We're looking forward to amplifying our style as Crosley Radio joins our movement as "Official Turntable Sponsor"! At the forefront of the vinyl revolution, Crosley has their roots planted in the history of analog music players, while also keeping their eyes turned to the future progression of sound. From the [...]

Its Thanksgiving, Lets Talk Pinot

With Thanksgiving, only a few days away, you’ve picked out that perfectly plump Turkey, those candied yams, and fresh Brussel sprouts (that you’re going to make anyway knowing full-well your kids will just push them around on their plates). Thanksgiving is about loved ones, thankful for the merriment, cherishing the moments you have with them. Even when the moments are making sure great-grandma doesn’t get close to the fire after one too many hot toddies.

B Wise Joins the FEAST as “Official Wine”

I’ve had the dream to make wine since I was a kid. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about wine since then. Each year my friends and fellow vignerons John Caldwell (Yes, that John Caldwell, aka “JFC”) and Bill Sanderson (Madrone Ridge Winery) take a trip to investigate the practices of [...]

GEMS of the Wine Country

GEMS Napa Valley & GEMS Sonoma County is an exclusive, invite-only club offering unique events and wine offerings from some of the most boutique and exclusive vintners in the Napa and Sonoma wine country.

Feast It Forward