Neolith + FM Distributing Showcases Design Surfaces at the Studio by Feast it Forward

Feast it Forward is excited to share that Neolith, through FM Distributing, will be supplying materials for countertops, backsplashes, restrooms, and a superb feature walls at our live studio showroom in downtown Napa. Neolith has quite a list of benefits that demonstrate their status as a pioneering leader in providing high quality surfacing material relevant for the 21st century. Additionally, their progressive approach to manufacturing, customer satisfaction, and establishing an extraordinarily high level of ethics establish them as a perfect partner with Feast it Forward.

Neolith uses 100% natural products that do not emit toxic gases into the atmosphere when exposed to fire or high temperatures. Their unusually low level of porosity prevents liquid absorption and resistance to surface bacteria. They are resistant to wear and tear, high temperatures, UV rays, and liquid corrosion. It is resistant to liquid cleaning agents, scratches, is hygienic, and easy to clean. These enhancements are achieved through a variety of technological enhancements Neolith has grasped, while offering variety in styles, finishes, durability, and thickness of tile. Their passion for natural materials along with creative elegance catapults them above the competition.

Neolith aims for innovation in quality regarding the needs and demands of the architecture and interior design sectors. Their use of recyclable, sustainable, and ecological products in procuring raw materials is a top priority. Business policy is rooted in their commitment to honesty while seeking out the innovation of high range architectural solutions in both the global and local market. Neolith’s willingness to adapt to market demands while maintaining top-level ethics and sustainability is demonstrated through using eco-sustainable source material, ensuring a 10-year warranty, and launching the revolutionary treatment (PURETI) that allows self-cleaning and decontaminating to take effect. Approaching production with such a high value system has allowed to be a LEED points earner (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design), Greenguard Gold Certified,  EC Certified, and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

 We are excited to showcase the beautiful design and craftwork of Neolith at “The Studio by Feast it Forward”. Their aim to achieve for high quality products while operating at a socially and environmentally conscious level aligns with what all of us at Feast it Forward values.

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