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Through our mission of “Inspiring Living. Philanthropic Giving.”, we seek to generate positive energy and support initiatives that give back to our community and environment. Alike our network chef advocate whom to many has been coined as the Godfather of Sustainability, Rick Moonen, Feast it Forward has always promoted living a sustainable lifestyle. We are proud to announce we continue to support that ideal with our new partner, Northern Pacific Power as our soon-to-open flagship brick and mortar will be powered by solar!

An owner operated company based out of Santa Rosa, California, Northern Pacific Power will provide Feast it Forward with the ability to take advantage of the greatest power source there is, the sun. With 16 solar panels decorating our roof, our live studio + experiential showroom, “The Studio by Feast it Forward” will become one of the only businesses in downtown Napa to make the commitment to be powered by renewable energy.

Providing both business and residential solar power, Northern Pacific Power is dedicated to the personalized service for those who are looking for an energy efficient lifestyle. The unique needs for design, installation and maintenance for each customer is Northern Pacific Powers specialty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now, from the moment you walk in our showroom doors, the restored concrete foundation to the solar panels on the roof are partners joining in our mission to give back and Feast it Forward. It is companies like Northern Pacific Power that have allowed us to build our dream as we educate, inspire and entertain.


At its core, solar energy exists at the  intersection of nature and technology. It allows us to take advantage of the greatest power source available to us: the SUN. With no moving parts, noise, or pollution, solar electricity provides us with a local, safe, and clean energy alternative.


With the ability to design a solar energy system that will cover as much of your electricity cost as you want. That said, you can kiss your electric bill goodbye. The high ticket price of installing a solar energy system has dropped considerably. As a result, it makes good financial sense for more people than ever before. Additionally, solar prices are coming down and solar panel efficiency is going up. Now you can get all the clean solar energy you need from a smaller footprint on your roof or property. Another added benefit…if your solar energy system produces more power than you consume, the utility company owes you!  Homeowners are comforted in the fact that solar panels carry a warranty of 25 years. In fact, one can expect up to 40 years without significant loss in power while also increasing the value of your property.

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Katie Hamilton Shaffer is a wine country entertainer, chef, philanthropist and vintner in Napa Valley. Wishing to merge her passions for all things food, wine and philanthropy, Katie created the lifestyle brand "Feast it Forward" to raise a glass, awareness and funds while offering insight on how each person can make an impact and live beyond their backyard.

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