Caipirinha...with Rum!

Drinks With A Twist: Caipirinha

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Master Mixologist Christopher Long with Libations Unlimited took us down another tasty road sharing a unique cool cocktail any libation lover will be fanatic about. We’re looking forward to making a batch for our end of the Summer Season FEAST!


Caipirinha – INGREDIENTS:

1.5 oz – Shots of Rum

6 – Chunks of Lime (Chunks = sliced into wedges and cut in half)

Approx 1/4 drop – Cocktail Bitters (your call on preferred aromatics, but citrus influence is suggested)

1 Tablespoon – Raw Turbinado Sugar

Dash – Nigella Seeds (dry roasted flower seed, typically used as a spice in Indian & Middle Eastern cuisine)


Grab your cocktail shaker! Pour small handful of of Nigella Seeds and muddle up to crush and bring out aromatics. Add lime chunks and turbinado sugar…give another strong muddle! Add cocktail bitters. Add rum and ice. Shake, shake, shake it up! Garnish, serve and enjoy!



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