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tomYou may have noticed our network website is filled with whimsical drawings, all in a very clear black and white style. So, what’s with the doodles? Art inspires me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve drawn out my dreams and goals, in hopes that someday they would come true. Studying art in college enhanced my skills, leading to me drawing every business plan, idea and future vision to this day. Occasionally I look back upon my book of doodles, searching for inspiration and fresh ideas. Oh, and yes, that’s me and my brother waaaaaay back in the day as I shared my proud winning art piece from a local contest. Sorry for the embarrassment, Tom!

Below was my “vision” for Feast it Forward nearly 7 years ago. With Sharpie in hand, I remember drawing this so clearly and thinking through with excitement for what my “big” plans would be. To me, ideas are just a dream until they come true. Though I’m not one to think small, I am also one to follow through and make a solid commitment to something that I truly believe in. Many areas of the drawing have come to fruition, while others are in the development phase as we build the brand and its many moving parts. Well, and for that matter others remain in the “dream” section, waiting…For anyone that knows me, I’m a dreamer at heart. However, I can say as someone determined to be creative and live out their dreams, I also seek to make a mark on the world while doing some good. Throughout my career I’ve been struck by what incredible things can be accomplished when you bring together amazing people over fantastic food and wine. My goal is to use Feast it Forward as a platform to make a difference, while offering entertaining and inspiring content bringing family back into the kitchen, together.



With this doodles concept, my “gourmet graffiti” (as we call it) has been incorporated into the Feast it Forward lifestyle brand “products with purpose”. Though currently producing and wine, additional wine country inspired items will be joining. Weaving in our mission of all things food, wine and philanthropy, these playful drawings have been packaged in a unique way like nothing else existing in the current marketplace. What’s even better, a portion of proceeds will be supporting our Feast it Forward Foundation charity recipients. Hence, giving back to Feast it Forward...


branding teaser


stolzle teaser

With the New Year here, even bigger and NEW adventures lie ahead. Today we RAISE a glass, (while raising awareness & funds) toasting to our exciting partnership with Stölzle glassware. For over 200 years, this reputable company has been recognized as Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, 100% lead free crystal glassware for the food service and retail market. Professional design and hi-tech production guarantee optimum durability, performance and elegance.

To extend the American market, Feast it Forward and Stölzle have created a unique and one of a kind affordable luxury line of glassware promoting the campaign, “The Glass DOES Make A Difference”. For wine enthusiasts and philanthropists alike, a portion of proceeds support our Feast it Forward Foundation.

Having previously released a small portion of our wine line (Bordeaux, White Wine & Champagne Flute) in late 2016, we will be releasing our newest cocktail line (Martini, Margarita, Coup, Highball & Lowball) this coming Spring. Doodles will be an opposite approach, with an evening San Francisco city scene displayed with a black background and white sketching.

With The Studio by Feast it Forward opening in April, my vision for a live studio + experiential showroom will now come to life…that silly house in my” doodle dream” above. Here our brand will share all things food, wine and philanthropy with a taste of music…feeding your soul with inspiring, educational and entertaining experiences and events. Our “products with products” will be sold within the retail space allowing us to expand our vision and brand goals. We hope you will continue to join the FEAST…who knows, you may see some doodles on the walls when you walk in the doors.

Stölzle Cocktail folded out box mock-up scene // promotional “The Glass Does Make A Difference” video 

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Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.                – Steve Jobs

About the Author:

Katie Hamilton Shaffer is a wine country entertainer, chef, philanthropist and vintner in Napa Valley. Wishing to merge her passions for all things food, wine and philanthropy, Katie created the lifestyle brand "Feast it Forward" to raise a glass, awareness and funds while offering insight on how each person can make an impact and live beyond their backyard.

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